22 8 / 2014


Chronicling the Journeys of Traveling Rodeo Voice @stevegoedert

To see more from Steve’s travels to every corner of America, follow @stevegoedert on Instagram.

“I grew up in a rural part of northern California surrounded by cattle ranches,” says traveling rodeo announcer Steve Goedert (@stevegoedert). “I wanted to be a saddle bronc rider, but never was very good.”

While his profession reflects his love for cattle and ranching, Steve didn’t necessarily set out to become a sought-after rodeo announcer. “I spent a lot of time at the local livestock auction yard and decided I wanted to become an auctioneer,” Steve says of his earlier years. “I decided I needed to be a better public speaker to become a better auctioneer.” To improve, he started announcing local rodeos free of charge. People noticed and began offering to pay him.

These days, Steve’s on the road up to 40 weekends out of the year, and his photos and videos on Instagram chronicle his travels to every corner of the United States.

Funny, that this would be in my dashboard today. Also, not surprising at all, given how the universe is spinning these days.

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